North East India Webinar

May 12th, 8pm ET

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Reverend Doctor Wati Longchar

Dr. Longchar serves as Regional Consultant for Theological Education in South and East Asia for the International Ministries of American Baptist Churches in the USA, and is based in Serampore, India. Dr. Longchar belongs to the Ao-Naga tribe in Nagaland, India. Previously, he taught at Yushan Theological College, Hualien, Taiwan. He also serves as Dean of the Programme for Theology and Cultures in Asia (PTCA) – a theological movement engaged in doing theology with Asian resources. His research area of interest is doing contextual theology exploring Indigenous spirituality.

Doctor Rini Ralte

Dr. Rini Ralte is a former Professor and Chairperson in the department of Women’s Studies of the United Theological College, Bangalore India. She started a Diploma Programme of MAGDALENE THEOLOGICAL CENTER where Feminist Theology in Context is her priority, especially in this context of Covid-19 and the wars in Myanmar and Ukraine. She is stationed in Aizawl, Mizoram, India. She is the new Coordinator of Asia EATWOT.