About the Forum


The mission of McGill’s Birks Forum on the World’s Religions and Public Policy is:

  • To provide an international forum for academic, religious, business, military, and political leaders, as well as the wider public, to explore cutting-edge issues arising from the rapidly changing roles and impact of world religions in global society.
  • To broaden and deepen the knowledge base, skills, and competency of leaders and future leaders in key sectors of society and public service contending with the complex issues, problems, challenges, and opportunities that aries from the growing impact of religious diversity in global society.
  • To facilitate informed and constructive interaction between leaders and future leaders in the religious sector with leaders and future leaders in government, law, diplomatic service, media, business, health care, social services, as well as key areas of civil society.

Previous Events

Birks Forum 2016: Truth and Reconciliation: Challenges Facing the University.

McGill Moot Court Panel, March 30th 2016, with guests Right Hon. Paul Martin Jr (former PM of Canada), Michael Loft (Social Work), Marie Wilson (TRC Commissioner), Ronald Niezen (Law/ Anthropology).
Birks Forum 2022, Introductory Webinar: Local and Global Context. With guests Chung Chih Hong (Ayah Demaladas), Malith Kur, Michael Loft, Rev. Dr. Ray Aldred, Rev. Dr. Anthony Antansi